Part 8: "Affection Confirmed"

By Splash



Here it is, after a longer wait than usual.  For reference, episode 7-9 spoilers. ^_^;


Disclaimer: Digimon Frontier and its characters belong to Toei, not me.  This is fanmade material, and by freedom of speech and all sorts of other random laws wonderful America has, I have the right to make this kind of stuff, so don't try it. XD




If the world was perfect, Kouji and I would have never bothered to save Tomoki.  We would've spent all our time together on that toyland, chomping on delicious food and having a blast.  It would've been like living in an amusement park, without having to wait around other visitors for the rides, without having to pay for the food, without any worries... And I would've been with Kouji...


But nooo... Tomoki was suspected to be in distress.  If only we knew he was having fun while we suffered our asses trying to rescue him.  While we were knocking brainwashed Digimon out here and there, he was safely playing video games with a giant teddy bear.


Anyhow, we saved the town, the toy Digimon that attacked us went back to normal, yada yada.  For payment, they offered to fly us back to the others on one of their toy planes.  Tomoki enthusiastically jumped in it behind the pilot.  I followed, and then Kouji sat down behind me.


Tomoki couldn't help but squeal with the air whipping across as we flew.  I smiled, glad to see that he wasn't scared of being up so high.  I turned my head to face Kouji.  He didn't look as tense as he usually did.


" You'll see, it's great having siblings," I said to him.


He grinned quietly. " I'll try to fit in more, but just so I can stick around and bug you."


I gaped at him slightly. " Oh yeah?" My gloved hand took a circle-swipe for his bandana.  He barely dodged.


" Hey, don't think about it," he admonished.  Suddenly, he grabbed my shoulders. " After all, I've got an advantage!"


What he said was true, and no later had he said that his hands were ready to take off my hat.  It was no use to resist, so I sat there quietly, head turned toward him.  Ahead, I could hear Tomoki and the pilot engaging in a complicated conversation on a video game.


" Takuya," Kouji said softly, pausing.


I felt secure with him at that moment, and it was a beautiful feeling. " It's okay.  Go ahead."


The fact that he had waited for my consent was enough to convince me.  I loved it.  He pulled my hat off, the goggles immediately loosening, and I felt the usual rush of bangs on my forehead.  He dropped my hat and goggles right into my lap, as if it was some vile thing that needed to be out of the way quickly.  Soon, his hands were all over my hair, combing it, wallowing in it... He had an angelic expression on his face, practically beckoning me to take some of it.


So I did.  I nearly turned over in my seat and just lunged for him.  Our lips immediately made contact and I searched for his tongue, groping it with my own.  My arms grabbed onto him as well, surrounding him in a tight hug.  Oh, how much I missed it...


We must have made a little bit of commotion, for when we finally broke apart Tomoki was staring at us innocently.  Kouji wasn't phased at all.  My face went through at least three shades of red.


" Sorry about that, Tomoki," I said when I finally got the courage, " Don't tell the others about this yet, please?"


" Okay," he chirped. " But did I miss something?  That was a bit... strange.  You guys argued a lot.  I thought you didn't like each other."


I ruffled my hair a bit, noticing how disheveled it had become. " Well, things happen... Some people won't like it, but there really isn't anything bad about... this." What the hell would I call it?  Casual experimenting?


Kouji and I settled things with Tomoki.  The little one admitted he had trouble understanding, but he knew it wasn't his business to be telling people about other people.  He thought it was a form of bullying.  What a great kid.


And as we flew on, I couldn't help but smirk when Kouji snaked an arm around me for comfort.  I could get used to this...




The campfire raged on, strong but peaceful.  It illuminated the children's faces as they slept in a very special way, creating a certain firey illusion.  Takuya and the others had made it safely back to the others.  Junpei, Izumi, Bokomon and Neemon had caught up with them while riding a boat.  Apparently they had had a more watery adventure.


And now Kouji was fully awake, although sleep would not come as a chore to him.  He wanted to stay awake, though, to stare at the vision before him.  Takuya had taken off his hat to sleep for the first time since he had arrived in the Digital World.


' Takuya has stunning hair,' Kouji thought, open with his mind.  He had finally realized that there was no reason to be hiding back from Takuya anymore.  No more insecurities, no more loneliness...


He would have to work hard to maintain it.  The Digital World was a dangerous place.  And if they ever got back home, he would have to deal with his location changes.  But he didn't mind.  He knew it would be worth it.  The feeling of companionship and love from Takuya was all he needed for motivation to keep working.


Kouji kicked his legs up, leaning away from the tree he was previously supporting himself on.  He plopped down on the open space next to Takuya (Tomoki was on the other side) and ran his hand through the fire-touched hair.


Takuya stirred, his eyes opening to catch the intruder.  He relaxed when he saw the common bandana setting on Kouji's head.  In fact, it seemed more loose than usual...


" What is it, Kouji...?" he said tiredly, although he was trying to sound irritated.  Guess that didn't work.


The darker-haired one didn't say anything.  Instead, he curled his arms under Takuya and lifted him up-- despite Takuya's protest-- and brought him to the tree that he had been at before. 


" Kouji... What..."


Kouji placed a finger on his lips, effectively shutting him up.  He let Takuya move on his own while he leaned back on the tree.


Takuya stared at him blankly for a while, not truly awake.


" I just wanted to make sure you understand," Kouji stated, " ...about why I act like I do sometimes.  Why I'm so focused on getting through this strange place."


Takuya grinned sleepily, which made it a cuter expression than usual. " You're playing the role of the caretaker and you want to put the whole burden on your own shoulders because you think you can do it more effectively alone than all of us combined."


Kouji quirked an eyebrow at him and tensed his shoulders.  He seemed incredulous and wondered if he should have bothered to ask.


" But it's okay.  I know you think you're better off alone sometimes," he continued, temporarily remembering a flashback from their battle with fugly Grottomon.  If he had not been trying to take Grottomon on by himself, Wolfmon would have gotten a clear shot at him. " I'll just keep pulling you on track.  We're a great team, you know?"


Takuya watched as the other visibly loosened up. " You're doing it all for me.  I understand, Kouji... Thank you."


Kouji closed his eyes in acceptance, and did a slow nod.


" You look a lot better without your hat," Kouji said out of the blue.


Takuya blinked.  And...


" And you made that squeaking noise again," Kouji sighed. " At this rate you're going to make me do something drastic."


Takuya looked at him.  He hadn't noticed it that time either. " If you do, I'll counteract."


Kouji simply grinned, an evil glint in his eyes. " Let's see it."


They leapt at each other, releasing everything they had been keeping inside in other people's presence.  Oh, how they missed it...  They gasped in sync as they made contact, groping endlessly, peeling each other's clothes off.  For some reason, shoes were the first thing to go.  Then the gloves, then the overcoats.  At one point, Takuya made a grab for Kouji's bandana...


Kouji was too busy attempting at Takuya's yellow shirt to catch him.  Before he knew it, his head felt lighter and there was a hand on his hairband...


" You're not so tempermental anymore, Kouji," Takuya observed, " Before you would have swung me halfway through the forest by now."


" Don't exaggerate," Kouji said breathlessly.  He blinked, realizing his bandana was gone.  It was strewn around the pile of clothes they had, abandoned.


For some reason, Kouji froze when he felt Takuya's hand in his hair.  It felt so nice, but not just because of the physical sensation.  He finally had someone who he could trust and feel secure with...


Takuya nuzzled his neck, breathing his scent, tinged with the air of nature.  He pulled back after a short while and stared at Kouji straight in the eyes.


" Here's to 'together forever,' Kouji," Takuya whispered. " No matter what happens."  He sealed the vow with a kiss.


Kouji was unable to reply verbally, obviously.  But his other answer implied that he had no says against it...


And he didn't have trouble admitting it.  It was a beautiful feeling.




* End *




I hope you enjoyed this fic, I had a lot of fun doing it.  Can I dare say... sequel?  I'm not sure... ^^;;;  Feedback deeply appreciated.