Part 7: "Rejuvenated Memory"

By Splash



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It all started with the desire for... food.  ShellNumemon were offering food for help.  We were starving and had no money.  The offer sounded... GREAT.  So what did we have to do?  Save their kidnapped daughters.


The ShellNumemon wanted us to spend the night there before saving their daughters.  It seemed strange since they were quite desperate for help, but it wouldn't hurt to get more sleep.  That is, if I could GET any.


The whole village was built on a mountain, a really steep one.  Everything was pretty much on a 90 degree slant.. they had beds, but those were on the angle.  Basically, they were useless.  Instead, we laid ourselves on a bunch of leaves on the side wall.  By the way, Kouji decided to sleep next to me.  That's right.  I met him again.


Earlier that day, I had been told by a ShellNumemon that Kouji had fallen from the sky into their village.  Wow.  He had attempted to save the daughters and was rudely shoved off.  After our meal (Kouji ate in a lonely corner...) Kouji showed a diagram pointing where the ShellNumemon daughters were being held.  Junpei reassured the others that saving them would be no problem since we were legendary warriors.  The ShellNumemon seemed shocked to know that, and ever since then, they've been acting nervous.  Strange God-fearing snails.


Kouji and I haven't had any time to ourselves since then, either.


It was a hot night like the other ones.  My left side was becoming numb from lack of cushion, so I shifted the other direction.  I opened my eyes briefly and encountered another pair of white slits.  Kouji was there, head rested on one arm... and he was staring at me.


' Great time for awkwardness,' I thought.  Unable to interpret his expression as he continued staring, I said, " You're a good guy, wanting to save those ShellNumemon daughters." Hey, I needed something to say.  It had been a relatively long time since I last saw him.


He gave a very peculiar glare, then turned the other direction.  What was he up to?


" Hmph.  You didn't have to save them with me."


Why of all times was he choosing to be stuck up like that?  I growled and turned away from him.  I tried to sleep it off, but my mind was restless.  All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him how much I missed him and...


" Kouji?" I turned back around to see him still against my side.  He was asleep, or at least dozing.  I shuffled closer to him, leaning my head over to glance at his face.  Even in his sleep he could maintain his attitude... it made me smile.


Unable to control myself, I brought my arm over his lithe waist.  Even though I was as gentle as I could be, I knew that he had sensed it.  He wasn't going to shove me off.  I brushed my nose against the length of his hair, then shut my eyes, content.  Kouji knew better than to admit he was awake.  I yawned into his back, sleep building onto me.  I could always say that I just rolled over too far... I wasn't sure why he was back to his cold self, but he was back, and that was what counted.




We suffered a rude awakening, opening our eyes to a dark oblivion below.  Kouji was the only one who kept a sustained outlook, if Neemon's sleeping didn't count.  After freaking out for a while, we spotted the ShellNumemon above us, sickles in their hands.  They held our only lifeline; they had roped us on a cliff.


The ShellNumemon thought we were allies of the enemy, just because we were legendary warriors.  I suppose we couldn't blame them, since their first impression of legendary warriors wasn't all that great.  And we were about to meet him...


Grottomon, he called himself.  The only things I could think about to describe him were... grody and fugly.  He had this HUGE nose and spoke nasally, and well, he was just pretty darn fucking ugly.  If the situation was less serious, I would have suggested that it was Izumi in disguise.


It wasn't until Grottomon attacked us when the ShellNumemon realized their assumption was wrong.  He brought out a huge hammer and tried to smash us into the wall, but we rebounded off the wall to dodge.  One of the ShellNumemon accidentally threw his sickle in surprise.  Kouji found an opportunity in the midst of the mess, and leaped off the cliff with his free limbs.  The ShellNumemon who tied us up had poor judgement on the capabilities of our legs and had only bothered to tie our hands to our backs.  By some strange feat, the thrown sickle landed right on the rope on Kouji's hands, freeing him.  Instantly, he evolved into Wolfmon and swung into Grottomon...


How the hell did he do that?  He was amazing in so many ways, but...




Five Digimon against one.  All five of us fought Grottomon, and we still lost.  Grottomon was able to evolve as well, which really freaked us out.  He had a "Beast Spirit" evolution, which turned him into Gigasmon.  There wasn't much improvement on the appearance, but he sure kicked our behinds...


All of us were forced to "de-evolve" back into our normal selves, and we were sent hurling off the cliff.  Kouji, Tomoki and I ended up getting separated from the others.  We went down a strange hole that lead us to an island floating in the sky, and we landed on a pile of huge bouncy balls or balloons... or something.  Well, we didn't land straight on the ground, and that was all that mattered.


We wandered the island for a while, and Kouji insisted that we searched for the Terminal in the forest as we had been doing in the first place.  The island was full of toys from the ground up, and Tomoki couldn't help but check them out.  Kouji was quite against making stops on our travel for sightseeing, and made no effort to hold it back.  First he called Tomoki a kid, which the little one took quite well since he knew he was one.  Then Kouji called him spoiled...


That made even my heart sink.  I was on his tail for the majority of the next hour because of it.  We found a place full of candy somewhere on the island and jam-packed our stomachs.  We headed off after our stomachs settled, and somehow, Kouji and I began to argue again.  Fists probably would have been flying, but right before that would have happened, Tomoki was kidnapped... by a giant stuffed teddy bear gone bad.  We were unable to save him... I won't bother saying why.  It was a bit embarrassing...


Kouji and I immediately followed the bear's direction.  I tried explaining to Kouji that Tomoki was just like a little brother...


" You really are like kids," he said nonchalantly.


His name calling was really irritating me. " Will you stop being such a prick?" I said through gritted teeth.


He blinked and his eyes widened.  I must have hit something new.


" We have to be Tomoki's brothers because we're the only ones who can," I reasoned, " It's only natural that we act like them, too.  Don't you have any siblings?"


All of a sudden, he looked extremely vulnerable. " I'm... alone..."


He lowered his chin, avoiding my gaze. " I don't know about siblings..."


I had to resist the urge to hug the life out of him as he stood there, his defenses completely off-guard.  But perhaps words were what he needed more. " In that case, Tomoki can be your younger brother.  Just think, you'll be able to find out how great it is to have a sibling-"


Before I could stop him, he had zipped past me and was leaving fast. " Hey!" I pivoted on a dime and chased after him.  What the heck was up with him?!?


He was honestly trying to run away from me. " Kouji, I'm just trying to help!" I shouted to him, forcing myself to go faster.  Eventually I caught him between two trees, and I twirled around to face him.  He shrugged me off.


" I don't need your help," he said defiantly.


That set me off.  I had enough of this. "  Oh, just STOP it.  Why are you being such an ass, anyhow?  Have you completely forgotten about us?  I knew you were awake last night!" I caught my breath shortly after my yelling.  I didn't mean to pop that out...


However, his stern appearance was already starting to wither, a red taint flickering across his cheeks. " Takuya..."


It was as if I had hit something in his brain or switched on a light.  We were alone now, and I wasn't about to let the opportunity slip.  Besides, we couldn't save Tomoki if we couldn't settle our issues.


I didn't notice the long silence until Kouji broke it. " I was thinking..."


" That's new."


His eyes flared. " YOU-"


" Just keep going." My lovely big-mouth.  It was the most of an apology he was going to get for now.


He puffed air through his nose. " Anyhow, I was going over what you said that one night, if I would stay with you..."


Now he had my attention. " I could have snuck out that night we stayed at the ShellNumemon mountain and saved the daughters on my own, and then leave.  Maybe we wouldn't have met Grottomon, maybe we wouldn't have ended up in this town, maybe we would have anyway, who knows.  I just didn't want to be around the other people."


I gave him a funny look, and he seemed slightly winded.  He sighed, then lowered his gaze. " What I'm trying to say is... you were the one who held me back.  You're the only reason I stayed.  You're... different."


" Oh thanks," I was less sarcastic on that one, and for once Kouji didn't take offense on it.


" My past keeps telling me that it will never last, but my present is telling me to be determined.  Determined that we stay together.  I want us to get through the Digital World so we can be together.  You're the first I've ever felt this strongly for.  That's what makes you different."


My mouth refused to move out of its gape.  I never imagined words like that coming from him...


Kouji turned away. " I probably should of told you earlier, but I was a bit confused back then..." Kouji?  Confused?  Whoa... In a way, that confused me, too.


He turned around to face me again. " You made that sound again."


Now I was REALLY confused. " Me?  What sound?" I asked him, pointing to my nose.


" That, right there.  You did it just a few seconds ago."


Maybe it was just something I never noticed... " Ooookay, Kouji.  Whatever you say." I started to walk past him like he had done several times to me.  We had gone off-course somewhere down the chase.


" Takuya." A blur of blue appeared in front of me, and before I had time to react, I was pulled into his arms.


He rubbed his cheek against mine.  Surprised at the sudden affection, I gave him a bewildered look. " K-Kouji?" I stuttered.  Sure, it was great that he was being all cuddly, but...


" You make some really nice noises..." he commented, purring into my ear. " They make me want to just... jump you or something..."


I blushed furiously, then hastily reminded him that Tomoki needed to be rescued.  He chuckled, a smile arising on his face, then pushed me ahead.  I nearly fell over, but realized that he meant no harm, and laughed with him.


" Don't let that get through to your head, Takuya!" he said as we continued our way, still laughing.


Kouji was back, and better than ever.  The future looked quite bright...




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