Part 5: "Desolation"

By Splash



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Sailor Gotland: "I hate being touched by strangers" is a straight out translation from episode 2, the pour soul. T_T  The official age for the kids in

Frontier (except Tomoki) is 11 (Izumi makes it a big deal that she's 3 months older than Takuya, that...female... -_-; ).  However, in this fic I

would consider them in their teens. ^_^


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The view of the three colored moons was nothing compared to Kouji that night.  He was so natural, so keen to everything around him.  He could focus on

all or nothing, and his ability to focus on one person...


I realized the moment I kissed him how irresistible he was.  After the initial placement wore off I moved closer for a deeper taste of him.  Kouji's

released the tension on his shoulders in my hold, and before I knew it he was kissing back, using even more force.  I moaned lightly at the pressure,

and extended my arm around his back.


I never imagined that anything like this would happen.  I knew there was always something I wanted to know about Kouji no matter how much time I spent

with him.  But the possibility that there was something I didn't know about MYSELF had never occurred to me.  I had true feelings for him... I

couldn't deny myself that.  My reasons for wanting to be with him constantly, my reasons for caring for him... I wanted to know him inside...

outside... everywhere...


He was unlike any other person I had met, his personality allured me in every way... so much... And at that instant, he was so complying it almost

made me cry...


My tongue traced his bottom lip, and he pulled back, out of breath.


There was an unleashed hunger in his eyes as they bored into me, searching.  Then he leaned forward, gently pushing me back onto the field.  He

hovered over me, still staring intensely... and I remembered it.  I remembered THIS scene, and now knew the meaning behind it.  Pinned without direct



Kouji advanced and took my lips, immediately pressing his tongue inside.  I never expected him to be so aggressive, but it wasn't something I would

complain about...


With newfound encouragement, I wrapped my arms around him tighter and followed his example, clashing our tongues in a dancing fashion.


The wind decided to gang up on us at that moment, bringing a heavy gust onto the field.  It caused Kouji to wince in its piercing chill, and he moved

even closer until I could feel the pressure from his shoulder blade.  In a sense, it was like he was protecting me...


As the enduring breeze passed by us, I found myself toying with his hair.  It was silky to the touch, and flowed like water through my hands.  I could

have played with it all night... and Kouji wasn't refusing.  The scene reminded me of our first night together, but this time felt more complete...

yet something was still missing...


Eventually, Kouji rolled off my stomach and turned to his side.  I sat up to stretch my arms.


" Do you want to sleep here tonight?" he asked casually, looking up at me.


I was speechless.  I figured after the first incident he'd... I mentally slapped myself. ' Look at what just happened!  He... he...'


It must have been a while for Kouji said, " Well, do you want to?" He was patient, but still demanding.


" Y-yeah... yes, I do," I stuttered, blushing.  Something about him let me admit my feelings more openly, and it was quite strange.


A trace of a smile played on Kouji's lips, and he brought an arm around my neck and pulled me into his chest.  I remained rigid for a moment, not

expecting him to be so... cozy.  It felt so nice... I nuzzled into his shirt, admiring the flesh I could see on his collarbone area.


I could feel Kouji take a deep exhale, and surprisingly, he relaxed greatly.  I didn't think he was tense before...


Why was he being so kind to me?  It seemed rather awkward that we were doing something so intimate already... Did he actually feel that way?  Did _I_

feel that way?


" Kouji?" I mumbled into his shirt.  After getting no response, I shifted my head to peer at him.  He was already asleep, peacefully breathing. ' Oh

well, live in the now and enjoy it.'  I rubbed his back for security and closed my eyes, forgetting my troubles to savor his presence.




Takuya was... a prick.  That was really all Kouji could think of to describe him.  Really, who wouldn't?  The goggle boy would constantly try to get

inside his mind, tease him... touch him...


He couldn't stand it at first.  He didn't want to become familiar with anybody in this strange world, only because he didn't expect to stay in it for

long.  But after his evolution, he knew that there was a deeper meaning to his presence in the Digital World.  No one could gain such power without a

reason behind it.


That wasn't what stressed him, however.  It was amazing how some of these huge events could be nothing compared to a small personal problem.  A

problem with goggles and a cute smile...


He remembered one particular meeting when he had ventured to the stream nearby.  Takuya probably would have caught him without his bandana if not he

had heard the boy's voice calling him.  Eventually, Takuya found him and ran down the hill to catch up.


Kouji should have seen it coming, but he didn't that time.  All it took was a simple misplaced pebble-- and Takuya slipped.  Kouji was in his path and

he caught the falling boy.  But there was still momentum, and they both plunged into the stream... well, at least almost halfway in.  The way their

legs stuck out was quite comical.


As soon as Takuya resurfaced, he stammered apologies.  Kouji just calmly used his arms to support himself, not even bothering to shake the water on

him.  Perhaps he was just feeling too lazy.  But he could sense Takuya's eyes on him, staring at the water trickling down his cheeks, off his chin...


Kouji turned to Takuya and confirmed his sense, then turned to raise himself out of the water.  Still, he made no attempt to shake himself dry.


" Kouji?" Takuya said nervously, " Are you okay?"


An exceptionally large droplet made its way from Kouji's bandana down his face.  He glanced at Takuya without saying a word, then walked past him up

the hill.  Kouji felt contemplative, and was organizing a few thoughts in his mind.


Takuya followed him back to the other side of the hill and sat down next to Kouji, who was staring up at the dark sky. 


Kouji wasn't angry at him, although with the way Takuya fidgeted, the goggle boy must have thought he was.  The two remained in silence for several

minutes, simply listening to the night sounds around them.


Within that disarray of silence, Kouji built the courage to tell Takuya a story.  It was a story about a boy whose father had a job that involved a

large amount of traveling.  Because they never stayed in one place very long, the boy was very unsettled.  He had to change schools often, but by the

time he adjusted to a new place he would have to go to a new one... again.  Many people have tried to befriend him, but he always refused their offer,

for he knew that he would just be hurting them when he had to leave.  He pushed people away to make sure they didn't think of him more than just

another person.  Deep down inside, he just wanted to be able to always be there for someone...


It was Kouji's story, but Takuya already knew that.


What left an impact in Kouji's mind was the last comment Takuya said to him that night.  They chattered about their pasts during that time, and when

Takuya got up, he placed a gloved hand on Kouji's shoulder.  Kouji couldn't hold back his automatic response like he could now, and shrugged off the

hand hastily.  " Kouji, we're in the Digital World now.  We're the grown-ups around here.  But even grown-ups have to work together to succeed."


Perhaps the revelation scared him, sparked fear in his veins.  This was just too good to be true, to suddenly have found settlement.


' Maybe it IS too good to be true.' In any case, he didn't know how long he was going to be in this world.  He might simply vanish back into the other

world overnight and abandon Takuya.  He couldn't be depended on yet...


He dreamed of being in the real world, residing in another foreign building, observing the people in the streets.  He gripped the porch caging in

front of him and gazed below him.  Children were playing with each other, laughing, hugging, crying, shouting... they seemed more pale, brightened by

a nonexistent light.  They seemed so dim...


Then, in the center of the scene, was a boy in a red jacket, his head lowered and covered with a hat.  He stood out among the rest, the most animated.

 The boy lifted his face to meet with Kouji's, smiled and waved.  But this wave was not a greeting... Kouji reached a hand out toward him.


" Takuya!" he called.  He gave the boy in goggles a pleading look, his arm outstretched.


The boy just shook his head sadly, and dissolved into the rest of the pale crowd.  Kouji backed from the porch, pulling his hand back slowly.  Kouji

was left alone again.  In the distance, he could hear his father's voice, announcing their new destination, and ordering him to pack up his



He collapsed into a kneeling position and cradled himself, struggling to hold back his tears as he had done many times before.




Dawn wore on them like unwanted clothes, clinging to their skins.  Kouji stirred in its presence, immediately gathering thoughts of the previous

evening.  His gaze fell upon the boy in his arms, and he smirked.  Takuya's hat could fall of his head at any moment because of the weight of his



His half smile disappeared quickly as he also remembered his resolution.  Slowly, carefully, he willed himself to get up and brought one of Takuya's

arms around his shoulders.  He trudged toward the village where the other children were, carrying the sleeping boy with him.


Once there, like a swift animal he rested Takuya in what was apparently his sleeping area, a highly unoccupied gap between Tomoki and Junpei.  None of

the others were broken from their deep sleep, but Takuya mumbled a little.  Kouji waited for a moment, watching those usually energetic eyes open



" Kouji...?" he slurred, confused.


Kouji leaned forward in response, and gave Takuya what passion he could without waking him further.  Too tired to figure out what was happening,

Takuya closed his eyes and welcomed Kouji's lips.  A hand made its way to his fiery brown hair tuffed under his hat.  The hand caressed his neck for a

few moments before Kouji pulled back.  Takuya was too overwhelmed to open his eyes again.


" Things will be better this way, Takuya," was Kouji's last statement as he got up and left.  Takuya sensed this, but was too exhausted to do anything

about it.  He fell back asleep, dreaming of saving Kouji from his lonely world...




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