Part 3: "Soft-boiled"

By Splash



All right, time to get a little insight on Kouji's thoughts... note "little", lol.


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Dusk.  The Poyomon have probably returned to their haven for an evening rest. 'Good riddance, they were annoying.'


What a strange place the Digital World was.  Even with all of the fighting he had done that day, his clothes felt not a speck dirtier.  In fact, they were probably cleaner than how they were before entering the Digital World.  Not that he had anything to complain about that...


He sat back on the tree he picked out amongst the surrounding ones.  It had comforting grass, and the view ahead was just as calming.  He damn well needed something to relax him.


As he leaned back, relieving his sore joints, his mind was set on reflecting on the day.  He could evolve into a Digimon... how interesting.  And further yet, the other boy was there.  What a surprise it was to meet up with him again.


" Takuya..." he said to himself, eyes shutting in contemplation. " That boy's onto me."


A slight trace of a blush ran through his cheeks.  He didn't mean to say that out loud, but it was out of habit.  But since he was in a foreign world now, he would have to keep his thoughts to himself more often.  Who knows who would be listening to him...


Despite his uncouth outlook, he truly felt empty on the inside.    He could have been the top leader in just about any clique.  He had all the needed traits: A cool attitude, a great fighter... heck, he probably could have grown up to be the nicest person in the world.  But nice, over caring people were exactly what he disliked.  They sickened him.  They were like... bunnies.  Sure, they were cute and adorable and all that... but once you've been with one for a while you start to notice how often they dispose their meals on your floor and screw up your environment into bitten pieces or shreds.  And they're never there to take responsibility for their misbehavior.


He never did enjoy those kind of people.  He tried fitting with them once and again, but it never worked.  Trouble would always show up some time or another, and he would get caught up in it somehow to take the blame.  He hated being a scapegoat.  He even hated it when the situation was a GOOD one.  He wanted respect for something that he DID do... which was why he didn't want anything from Takuya after Raremon was defeated.  If Takuya had not shielded him, he probably wouldn't have lived long enough to see the spirit in the hole behind him.  It was also Takuya who pushed him into the hole in the first place, but that was by chance...


Nonetheless, Kouji still felt that the boy deserved credit for it.


Something about Takuya was appealing to him.  Perhaps it was a premonition that something about the boy was unique.  The poor guy, he had already tried befriending Kouji several times.  In fact, they could have been friends ever since they went on the elevator together.  Of course, going along with first instincts he had to shrug the goggle-head off.  It just wasn't Kouji's style to openly welcome everyone he met.


Although, he could imagine it.  He could see himself greeting Takuya with something more than a mere grunt or a cold shoulder.  To initiate a pleasant conversation, share stories of the past, or even build their own story...


No, he didn't want that.  Or did he?  The thought wasn't TOO bad... In fact, it seemed rather plausible.






I sauntered outside as quietly as I could.  I couldn't let anyone know I was sneaking out... they'd all bitch at me if they found out.  Maybe even Tomoki would.  Sneaking doesn't seem like something a hero would do.  Not like I really WANTED to be seen as a hero...


At first I was thinking on just getting some fresh air.  Then I wanted to take a look at the area.  When I reached the edge of the village, I went farther and explored the outer zones, back to the place where Raremon was defeated.  And then... it finally occurred to me.... Kouji must be nearby.  He probably didn't wander off that far from the battle scene since he seemed rather tired...


Au contraire... his trail was quite distinct.  He must have made some pretty heavy steps on the way out...


I followed his tracks to a large field, and darted behind a few trees.  He chose a spot rather out on the open, but it didn't look like anybody else would be invading.  The place was huge, but very... desolate.


I took a step nearer, careful not to make extra noise, but yet... " Don't come near." His eyes were still shut and he STILL caught me.


" Kouji," I uttered.  It was the first time I had said his name out loud.


He opened a strained eye. " Takuya..." Immediately I could hear his tone change, he probably didn't expect it to be me.  But as soon as I took another step, his breathing made a jerk. " Don't come any closer."


" It's difficult to talk to you back here," I said, even though I knew what kind of reply I was going to get.  It was meant to be a distraction.


" Who said I was going to talk in the first place?" he was getting agitated.


" You're talking right now," I replied, taking another step.


It went unnoticed, just as planned. " Well, I'm not anymore.  Good night.  Now go away." He turned his back, continuing to slump against the tree.


Hmm, he even makes 'good night' sound rude... " Not until I get my questions answered." Another step.


He paused.  I take another step, and he noticed it this time. " I told you to stay back!  Do you want me to make myself more clear?"


I underestimated his senses, but that didn't make me stop. " Yes, by answering my questions.  Then I'll leave you alone."


Kouji just turned around sharply and glared at me, his breathing becoming laborious. " Fine.  Go on."


" Question 1: Why do you insist on being alone?"


He half laughed. " What an ironic question," he noted, more to himself than me. " Because of people like you.  Will you go now?"


I did the exact opposite.  He still glared at me, but now I sensed some hidden fear in his stance. " That was my first question.  What's wrong with people like me?" I hated being so provocative, but I needed to know.


" You're all so provocative," he replied, as if reading my mind.  Double irony.


I wasn't in the mood to stop yet, even though I could tell it was hurting him.  Perhaps he wasn't used to having people be this intrusive.  By then I had reached his tree he was leaning on.  I could see more details on his bandana through the moonlight, and the glimmer in his eyes...


He was fully alert now, and ready to do something... like probably take off and leave me behind.


" You're awfully close," he said bluntly.  The sneer in his tone was still wavering, however.  An impulse took over me, and I reached a hand in his direction.  I was curious about him...


He leaped up into the branches above him, then settled into them.  I wouldn't be able to reach him on the ground, but...


Kouji practically gaped at me as he saw me in the branch next to his.  I had some athletic skills, too. " How dense can you be?" he growled. " How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from me?"


" As many times as you want," I said, " But it's not going to stop me." I had him somewhere.  If he had really wanted to get rid of me he would have tried to outrun me... but I have pretty good running skills also.  He was absolutely trapped.


He stopped giving me such an intense look, and instead looked out into the moonlit field.  He seemed... troubled.


And then, his branch snapped.  Kaput, gone.  He underestimated its weight capacity, and his footing was long off.  I extended my arm to catch him, but didn't think about the after-effect.  As I caught him in my arms, I lost my equilibrium, and his weight brought me straight down.  My protective instincts forced me to wrap my arms around him tighter.  It sent the strangest chills all through me...


I liked it.


He landed on top of me with a thud.  I felt like a big cushion that had its air slammed right out of it.  The impact hurt plenty, but it was worth it.  I just wouldn't be able to move much for a bit.


Kouji groaned into my stomach, still stupefied at the accident.


His presence was rather... comforting.


After a short while, he pushed off me.  But before he could even get into a kneeling position, I grabbed him on his shoulders.


His eyes bugged out at the movement. " Don't touch me!" he exclaimed, more out of desperation than ever.  He winced when I held on even tighter.


" Kouji," I said calmly. " Do your words match your wants?"


He paused for a moment, becoming very silent.  If he really wanted to be alone, he would have shoved away and been done with me by now.  Instead he was tentative... he probably wasn't used to this kind of situation.  Heck, I wasn't used to it either.  His mind seemed to be clouded with similar thoughts.  But exhaustion was also overtaking him; he was having trouble just supporting himself.  He stared down at me, his walls of bitterness worn down of fatigue.  That's when I knew I did it.  He was surrendering to his inner self.


Kouji let go of his resistance, falling back onto my chest face down with a small thud.  Immediately he began to relax, adjusting his position to make himself comfortable.  It felt nice feeling him move around like that... probably too nice.  The tip of his bandana was tickling my neck, but I didn't want to disturb him.  Slowly, I reached up to move it.


" Don't try it..." Kouji mumbled, as much as a warning as he could manage.  Still touchy, was he... It would have been nice to see him without such a cover on his head, but I supposed it was too early for him to even consider it.  I would just have to get used to the neck itch.


The sky was pure darkness.  I heard a sigh from Kouji, feeling his gentle breath cuddling me.  Sensing security from him, I wrapped my arms around his back. " Don't..." He groaned lightly, burying his face deeper into my shirt...


After that, there was only a peaceful, soft breathing sound.




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