The Decisive Battle! As Long as There is Life. The Return of the Digital World

       Hmm, an arc ending... There are some awkward moments in this episode... first being Junpei getting touchy with the guys , then Izumi offering a day date, then Tomoki offering to kiss cheeks, and Bokomon offering... total weirdness. ^^

Is she ebil? Conning the boys with the fact that she's female? =3 Why did Toei have to do this to her?
Woo! A hint of sibling love!!! Oh my gosh [/sarcasm]. At least they tried. o.o;;; I just wish they didn't rush the plot in Digimon so much. Ah well. That's pure-shounen Anime for ya. Poor Takuya! Poor Junpei! Poor Bokomon! They all got shut down... XD But ahhh! The rampant Takuya/Izumi in this episode was a little too much... I'm scarred for life. No wonder Digimon died. They took the HORRIBLE turn in their fanservice. =P

Junpei deserves better, nenenenenenene? Q_Q; Yah, I'm a shameless Junzumi supporter... but if I wanted to be downright blunt, Junpei deserves better than Izumi =P

Woo, spoilers time! Final battle with Cherubimon! Purple bunny go bye bye! Kouji risking his body to win against Cherubimon was very touching... ^^ And AHH!!!! Takuya carrying Kouji on the way back, VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cute. ^^ Now that's well-deserved companionship... unlike... *cough* I've been a little too anti-stuff today, ne. Risking his life for Takuya so many times without hesitation... sugoi desu!

One thing I would have really liked to see in this episode was more of the "inside the Digimon" nekkidness, like Tamers had. But... the nekkidness lost a lot of its focus in Frontier, anyway. The nekkidness in Tamers had more meaning, since there was a clear distinction between the human and Digimon. Frontier is just... a bit whacked. =D