The Revealed Past! The Secret of Duskmon

       I love the animation style for this episode. These guys have been around ever since Adventure, and it's always been one of my favorites *_* Go yummy Kouichi! Am I the only one who noticed that 3 people were shown without their hats in this episode? Kouji, Kouichi and Tomoki...

Hm... this episode has lots of Kouji action. YESNESS! Not to mention lots of Kouichi.... and Takuya! TONS of bishounen action everywhere!! And it's all in a BEAUTIFUL style! And beautiful animation!! I can't enough of it. *_*;

Of course, who can forget the Takouji... lots in this eppy. *dies happily*

Mw00000t, lots of bishounen action indeed. In fact, there's so little of the other three guys (Junpei, Izumi and Tomoki) and the little Digimon... it makes me wonder what kind of Anime Digimon Frontier would be if it ONLY featured Takuya, Kouji and Kouichi. The possibilities... ah..... it's too much!! *_* But there's this one scene where I could've SWORN the animators were trying to imply something. Of course, it's just my imagination. T_T How close is that to his butt?!?!? JUST HOW CLOSE.

Takuya's voice is soooo lovely... I admire the voice actor, even though she's female. The voice actor, Takeuchi Junko also did Gomamon in Digimon Adventure, Gon in Hunter x Hunter, and Naruto in Naruto. Not to be confused like I was previously with Noda Junko, who did V-mon. Noda was in Love Hina, too, the gal with the Osaka accent. XD I can just see her switching to all of her roles... V-mon crying "Ramen!" and other such blah. I'm not making any sense. @_@; Anyhow... another thing I really liked about this episode was Takuya's expressions... Ah... the Takouji muse feels proud that Takuya is the one who gets to hear about Kouji's family problems. Just the overal deal with Kouichi and Takuya's knowledge... and how much he consoles Kouji... Gyaaaaa!!!!

This episode is also special because... TAKUYA DEMONSTRATES SEME-NESS!!! DOMINANCY!!! AHAHAHAAAA!! It's fun to see the seme/uke switch around from time to time...

Nevertheless, Kouji still takes the cake when it comes to sexiness. All the fangirls want him, but they know they can't have him. XD