Episode 15: Cool Beast Evolution! Calmaramon

       You saw this episode coming, don't lie to me. Water playing episodes come with great gifts. ~_^ And Kouji gets a nifty tickling scene! Go yaoi fandom. XD

Now, the Izumi dressing scene. Even though this season only has one clear human female, the makers have managed to pull in more fanboy attractions than in any other season. *dies* Everything has bigger breasts, fuller figures, and Izumi... AAAAh. >_< Even though I have little skill with females, I didn't exaggerate any of these pictures..

Okay, that's it with the female blabbing. Now... the guys. *_* Kouji without his bandana... kyaaaaaaa! --Ahem. I will not trail off to the usual fangirl-isms. Anyhow, there's some pretty good footage of him half naked. Oooooh yeah. The Toucanmon cheer mentally. Oh yes, the Toucanmon. You must never forget the random digital toucans roaming about the beach... O_o;

Rash boys, tsk, tsk. Undressing in front of Izumi, tsk, tsk. Takuya's face reminded me so much of this other Anime... won't tell you which one. You can easily figure it out to your left. ~_^

Calmaramon? It's a giant squid, er... Ranamon's beast form to be exact. And she is so goddam fugly... XD To top it off, she can't control her beast form's attacks. Pbb, if you've seen the episode... I've just made a pun. Top it off... BWAHAHAHAA! *does huge rolling on ground thing* Anyhow, priceless expressions on the Frontier characters as she zooms off, especially Fairymon.

And I certainly hope I'm not the only one who couldn't get over the cool pose Kouji was in to block the sand!!!!! Who even noticed it?!? XD Anybody know Excel Saga like the back of their hand? Read the mouse-over then. Best thing is that he's on a beach, too...