Episode 9: Enemy is Chakmon!? Puzzle of the Television Forest

       Ah, I can truly see the improvement in animation from this episode for some reason. Perhaps it was the Wolfmon scenes. Heh, the quality of this episode ran better than... Escaflowne! XD Lol. Anyhow, as far as plot goes, the kids end up staying a night in a forest. Izumi, Tomoki, Bokomon and Neemon head off shortly to pick apples, while the three boys set up camp. More like Takuya and Kouji do all the work, but maybe it's just because they're control hogs and leave poor Junpei out of it. XD One thing I have to "awwwww" about, Takuya and Kouji building the fire. Takuya's just too adorable, and Kouji makes some really nice faces. The two blab a bit about the their loss with Grottomon until Bokomon and the others arrive. Drat. XD

Anyhow, Takuya keeps feeling a strange presence (Bakumon), etc etc, and Tomoki acts funny after being posessed by Bakumon's "Nightmare Syndrome." During the night, Tomoki wakes up and starts attacking everyone with a firey stick! BWAHAHAHA! Then he evolves to Chakmon and starts going after them! The kids retreat into the woods, and Takuya and Kouji head off on a different direction. *evil grin* Anyhow, Takuya tells Kouji about his premonition, and Kouji instantly takes action. He even does some fancy snazz with his digivice before evolving by twirling it in the air and catching it. O_o;;;; No, not on purpose at alllll... Well, have some back.

If there's one thing I hated about this episode is... how the guys kept trying to protect Izumi. First it was Kouji when he stepped in to ward off Tomoki's stick, then Takuya saved her from a falling tree (in which she was the only one who stood frozen while the others ran -_-). Junpei tried to help out, but he ended up tripping! WOT IS THAT?!?! I feel so sorry for Junpei... T_T Izumi's apparent girliness about everything (staying on the sidelines and saying things like "*gasp*" and "Are you all right?") drove my monkey up my wall.

After some foolery with Wolfmon showing off and Chakmon being posessed, Agnimon eventually finishes off Bakumon and downloads his Digicode. And so, the gang walks back to their campgrounds... and Takuya makes the first official/initial contact with Kouji. YOSHAAAAAA!!! ^_^;

The group sleeps in leaves again, in order of Junpei, Izumi, Tomoki and Takuya, and for some reason I think Junpei looks the most huggable of all their sleeping forms. O_o; I screamed out "JUNPEI! KUG IZUMI! SHE'S RIGHT NEXT TO YOU," but then I saw Kouji looking at the group from the tree, and all went... there. Heh. He's feeling more into the group...

The people working on Frontier are obviously enjoying putting Kouji on spotlight. Oh well, I succumb to their efforts. XD Go Kouji! He gives Takuya such a cute smile... *_*