Episode 6: 5 Legendary warriors vs the new warrior!

        The plot begins to thicken in this episode, as would be the normal pattern in the Digimon series. Once everybody evolved, something else happens... I found this episode to be extremely humorous, right from the start Kouji gets whacked off a cliff. Again, Kouji shows that he's not afraid to reveal his emotions.. XD

The entire first half of the show was just... hilarious. The money problem, the Trailmon ride, the roller coaster part of Trailmon's ride, Junpei's unintentional pervertedness, Takuya getting whacked in the face by Kouji's stick, and the looks on the kids faces when the ShellNumemon thought they were Grottomon's allies.... priceless.

Sure, Takuya just comments on how Kouji's a good guy for trying to rescue the ShellNumemon daughters, and sure Kouji brushes him off again... but it's still the squishiest possibility scene in the episode. XD I swear if Digimon didn't have the male 10/11-year-old target, they'd make the yaoi fangirls' imagination real in these kind of scenes. Just... LOOK at them! Sleeping next to each other! Must... control... urge... to... make... them... move... closer... to... each... other...

Kouji also does some more fancy snazz in this episode. When he first met up with the other kids, they were all on a 90 degree angle and came hurtling toward him. He easily dodged, with a usual calm/annoyed expression. And when the kids were tied up against the mountainside, Kouji was the only one who was calm about it. Neemon stayed asleep for a bit longer than the rest. XD Anyhow, the ShellNumemon had them hostage because they thought the kids were enemies, and were going to use them as hostages against the real enemy. They would cut the ropes with sickles they were tied onto and make them go down a huge fall if their daughters weren't returned. Finally, after discovering that the kids were NOT enemies, one of the ShellNumemon dropped his sickle below. Kouji used leverage, kicked himself off the mountainside, and caught the sickle onto his tied hands to free himself. Now just how much coordination would that take?!? O_o; Oh well, it's Digimon, after all.